Spa on Wheels

Our van is manufactured by Wag'n Tails out of Indiana.  We roll up to your home or office and everything we need for the entire groom is provided by us!  For a virtual tour click on the link:

**** A 7000 watt Onan generator provides our electricity.

****The hot water heater supplies water that's nice and warm for suddzing, great on joints making bathtime soothing.                           

****50 gallons of fresh water filled daily, 50 gallon grey (dirty) water tank 

****The grooming table is adjustable allowing us to groom the smallest and largest breeds.

****The Proessional dryer is located behind the wall of the tub; helping muffle the sound for your doggie's sensitive ears.

****No need for senior dogs or challenged dogs to walk into the truck.  We are there to make the experience pleasant

       and comfortable assisting,  and lifting to place them in the truck and tub.

****All grooming supplies and tools are within arms reach so your doggie is never left unattended on the table.

****Large windows so your doggie can look outside, finding comfort knowing he's in familiar surroundings.